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To help you better understand the roles of the various FORUMS in our COMMUNITY, please read below;

PicknStake Forum is a rapid growing Football Prediction Social Community where people who bet on football socialize by posting and exchanging their Football Predictions and banter about Football daily for FREE!

Below are the various FORUMS AND WHAT TO POST IN THEM

Accumulations (For mixture of different games put together)
Ticket Code (Only for booking code)
Banker (For only sure games)
Single Odd (For one game only)
Draws (For draws only; full time or ha;f time)
Over/Under (under or over goals only)
Exact Score (For exact score only)

Ice Hockey

Football News & Banters
Football News (Post only Football News)
Football Banters (Post whatever you feel about football, your club, a player etc)

On this forum, you can lodge your complains and follow up for the latest news about the rule and guidelines of PicknStake FORUM

Please understand that responsibility of posting matches is not a one man's responsibility, it for all.

To your continued success.

-Thank you

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Xanax What It Looks Like

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